About Newborns

Newborn Services ( Age recommendation is 4-14 days old.

At this age, they are still sleepy and we can get those sweet curled up poses, and if we are lucky, some dreamy smiles! After this age, they don’t sleep as deeply, often don’t like being moved around into different positions and start to lose that “newness” or “curliness” and may become colicky, or develop “baby acne”.

To provide my clients with the highest quality, and not rushed sessions, I am only taking a limited number of sessions per month. It is important to schedule your session while you are still pregnant to avoid disappointment. This way, I can add you to the list of babies due for that month. You can then add me to your “To Call” list after you have your baby, and we will pick the best time that falls within the first 12 days. However, if you just came across my website, and have a baby under 12 days, please contact me, I will do my best to accommodate you.

Newborn sessions in the studio are a minimum of 2-4 hours depending on the baby. There is $200.00 Non-refundable session retainer to book this session.


We offer 4 types of newborns sessions:

1.In studio posed with props
2.In Home Lifestyle (Unposed with no props)
3.In Hospital sessions ( 48 hours fresh in your hospital room)
4.Birth Sessions



Posed vs Lifestyle

A newborn is only a newborn for around two weeks. The little one then graduates to an infant for the next three months, is considered a baby until around age one, and a toddler up to about age three. While these designations are somewhat subjective, it can’t be denied that the “newborn” stage is the briefest and most fleeting. Parents who seek out newborn photography only have a small window of time in which to capture this precious stage in their child’s history.
With such a limited time frame, both photographer and parents should strive for the most optimal decisions and results possible. Two of the main options available for documenting newborns are posed and lifestyle photography. Each style has its benefits, and both photographer and parents must determine what scenario will be best for the family’s needs and preferences.

Many photographers love the studio setting for its familiarity and the ability to control most of the variables there. From lighting to backdrops and props, the photographer is in charge of what’s on hand and can plan and prepare for how a session will unfold. Parents can relax and entrust the process to the photographer from start to finish. Mom gets a break from the home setting and can let the photographer guide the creative process entirely — or they can both approach it as a collaborative effort.








Lifestyle Newborn Photography:

Lifestyle newborn photography is an entirely different prospect. It requires the photographer to travel with their gear to the child’s home and to be more flexible in setting up scenes and capturing shots. While there are more variables in this style of photography, the possibility for profound unscripted moments is much higher. Mom and baby will likely be more relaxed in the familiar home setting and open to more tender and intimate poses.









A $200 Nonrefundable session retainer is required to book our sessions. This doesn’t come with any picture they are bought and sold separately. Our packages begin from $299 and up visit the investment page to view our collections.


What to expect during the session:

You can grab our newborn session guide when you come to our consultation. It will fully prepare you for a stress-free session with us.Please make sure you follow all the instructions —-> NEWBORN SESSION GUIDE here


After the session  PLEASE VISIT THIS PAGE to learn more —————> After session