The experience with Vine & Branch Photography is about more than showing up to take pictures and receiving an outdated CD of digital files.  (We still do offer the digital option to those who prefer digital packaging.)  It’s more than stressing about the size, measurements, and logistics of ordering prints from a grocery store or online consumer lab, only to find out the colors and tones don’t match. You’ll have the opportunity to work with me one-on-one from start to finish to get exactly what you and your family needs. WithVine & Branch Photography, you are receiving consistent results, high-quality products, and a hand-held customer service experience every time. 


When you book a session with Vine & Branch Photography, you’ll receive a virtual or phone conversation prior to booking. The level of personal service delivered to you is one of the many things that differentiate Vine & Branch Photography. During this creative process, we’ll get to know each other on a personal level and speaking with you during the consultation, is only the first step in helping break the ice for a fun session and experience.

I want to know what you’re looking for in a session, your personality, style, and overall decor of your home. Are you Southern, have a flare of rustic charm? Shabby chic or traditional vintage? Let’s prepare for your session as best we can.

We’ll also discuss wardrobe and styling, locations, and even get an idea of where you’ll want the artwork in your home. You’ll have the chance to get a first look (and feel) of some of the amazing products offered, like boxes of prints, albums, canvases, and more.

Created with you in mind. —A wall display mockup of (3) 16×24″ gallery wrapped canvases in a master bedroom. Canvases make the perfect decoration for the walls of your home. *Clients have the option to use their walls or choose from a variety of selections amongst Vine & Branch Photography







Lifestyle or Portrait Session

The time is here! You’ll arrive at the portrait session ready to express yourself! We’ll explore the town, laugh and have a good time, and take portraits wherever we find good light. At this moment, you’ll allow yourself to be vulnerable, unconventional, and unique in every way. We’ll take the limitations off art, and you’ll see how bright you truly shine.

A premium box of 5×7″ matted prints, perfect for a family wanting the flexibility to hang or store photos. This particular box features a crystal, rose gold flash/USB drive of each social media file purchased.

Reveal and Ordering Session

A week or two after you’ve rocked your session, we’ll meet at In my studio, your home or a local coffee shop for your Reveal and Ordering Session. This is where you’ll view up to 25 retouched and enhanced images. Some smile, others cry, whatever emotions you happen to feel at this moment, express them. After viewing the images, I’ll help guide you on the size and product suggestions. Then, you’ll purchase your photographs and leave the session full of emotions and no regrets.

Wooden box completed with beautiful professionally mounted prints proudly displayed on acid-free paper with a standard archival value of 100 years.

Artwork Delivery

Upon final payment, you’ll receive photographs from professional labs who work exclusively with professional photographers like me, to ensure you have the best products in your home and office. Your images will be quality inspected to ensure the colors and tones in your artwork are displayed properly. Finally, your classic images and family heirlooms will be carefully packaged and delivered to you.

Custom-designed and debossed heirloom album boasting bright colors and thick, smooth pages. The perfect coffee table item for your home.

Post Delivery

Will you walk away with lovely wall art, family heirlooms and high-quality photographs that serve as a time-capsule of your memories? Absolutely, but along the way, you’ll realize it’s not just about showing up to take pictures or the finishing pieces of artwork, but the experience. And that experience is what makes Vine & Branch Studio different.