Do I need makeup for my headshot session?

Do I Need Makeup for my Headshot Session?

Whether to have professional makeup for your headshot session depends on many things.

Some people are just not comfortable doing their own makeup while others want a specific “look” for their headshot, and they don’t know how to get it themselves. Some women don’t wear a lot of makeup daily, but they want to look their best for their headshot, and makeup can make a big difference in improving the professional look of your portrait while retaining your authenticity and personality. Makeup well applied looks natural and indiscernible.

Here ‘s a few  thoughts to consider when deciding whether to have your makeup professionally done for your next headshot or LinkedIn profile photograph:
  • I’m really not comfortable wearing makeup, but I want to look my best.
  • I usually do wear makeup, but I don’t think I apply it correctly.
  • I don’t necessarily want to look younger, but I definitely don’t want to look older.
  • I have some blemishes/imperfections that I’d like to minimize.
  • I have a specific look I want to portray in my headshot.
  • I am an actor or in the performing arts and makeup is essential for any professional headshot.

Take a peek at some shots I suggest having a trained makeup artist for your headshot session.

A small investment — usually somewhere between $75 and $100 — can really ramp up your look and ensure you get the best possible portrait or LinkedIn profile picture.

Below are a few clients who came in for updated LinkedIn headshots and decided to go with professional makeup.

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