You are a work of art! A VBS Fine art portraits are a perfect addition to your home décor.

Vine and Branch Photography  is known as a specialist in printed gallery quality wall art for your home that showcases meaningful portraiture.

We truly believe in the art of printing large artworks to create an impressive display in your home. All of our artwork is hand-crafted with high-quality Australian materials and is customized for you on the day of your photography session. All  artwork is printed through fine art, archival process with a lifespan of 100 years.

We’re so confident you’ll love your images that we promise no charge after your shoot if you don’t fall in love with what you see.

It’s a great idea to start thinking about where in your home you would love to display your portraits and what designs you love the most. On the day of your photography session, you will have the opportunity to see each of our boutique products in our showroom.

8x10 Premium Art Print.jpg


Our 8×10” fine art print is matted and ready for your mantel, a gift, or small frame. Printed on a classic, smooth fine art finish that is non-reflective soft on skin tones. From $295.

Gift Frame.jpg


Our 8×10” fine art print is matted and beautifully framed in a choice of colors to suit any décor. This is a thoughtful gift for a loved one or suited for smaller spaces within the home. From $450.

Infused Alumalux.jpg


Our beautiful sleek, modern acrylic range is designed to create the illusion of your image floating on a wall. Printed with a metallic finish, the acrylic range will be a stylish addition to any home. From $1250.

Individual 1.jpg


Our fine art canvas range creates the look of any art gallery in the world. The soft and non-reflective finish to your images is timeless. Each fine art canvas is archival printed on our heavy-weight fabric and framed in a choice of deep-set frames to complete this magnificent look. From $1250.


Individual 2.jpg


A look like no other. Our image is infused into aluminum creating a striking, vibrant, and lustrous feel to set off any room in your house. This ultra-modern finish creates a glass-like look which is finished with a choice of deep-set frames. From $1550.



The Trinity range embodies a series of three complementary images that tell a story, showcase personality, or delves into a relationship. An image tells a thousand words, however, multiple images tell a story. The panoramic length is designed to complement bedroom walls, hallways, and above furnishings. This artwork can be finished in fine art acrylic, framed fine art canvas or infused alumalux.



Our Accent range is a collection of five images that reveal a personality, relationship, or story. This artwork is perfect to create a feeling of space as it stretches fifty inches across a wall suiting for feature walls in the home. This piece can be finished in fine art acrylic, framed fine art canvas, or infused aluminum.

Grace Range 1.jpg


The Allure range gives a deeper understanding of the love you share and the strength you have with additional, complementary images. Designed to move your eye through the story of images. This unique artwork can be finished in fine art acrylic, framed fine art canvas or infused alumalux.



The soul range is designed with multiple images to gain a deeper understanding of a personality, relationship, or story. The images are carefully selected to enhance the feeling when seen on a feature wall in your home. This unique artwork can be finished in fine art acrylic, framed fine art canvas, or infused alumalux.


Artisan Album 1.jpg


Our Artisan album showcases a selection of your images within an elegant, leather cover and bounded finish. Suited to be displayed on a coffee table or mantel, our Artisan album is a beautiful way to enjoy your story.

Zest Art Collection.jpg


Our Luxe Collection encompasses a set of fine art matted art prints housed inside a stunning white gloss presentation box. Like a great coffee table display piece, our collection has a crystal clear semi-glassed front cover so once closed, your presentation box turns into an image behind a frame. Other popular ideas are gifts for loved ones and having a series of images framed for your walls.

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