Discover Louisville's most sought after newborn photographer | Vine and Branch Studio.

Vine and Branch Studio is a top newborn photography studio in Louisville. They capture and preserve the beauty of newborns with skilled photographer Irene Bibee. The studio provides a comfortable environment with props and wardrobe options for new moms. They transform memories into timeless works of art, helping create treasured, lasting memories.

With Irene Bibee’s expertise, every detail of your newborn’s beauty is captured and preserved in stunning photographs. The studio’s comfortable environment ensures that new moms feel at ease during the session, while a wide range of props and wardrobe options are available to enhance the artistic vision. These photographs are not just pictures; they are timeless works of art that will be cherished for generations, serving as a constant reminder of the precious memories created during this special time.

Vine and Branch studio

Learn how to prepare for your newborn session and what to expect during sessions; click on here below https://www.vineandbranchimages.com/newborn-prep-guide/


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